Boise Chamber

Boise Chamber Mega Marketing Recap 02/22/2013

by mikemonty on February 22, 2013

Boise Chamber put on a great event today, it’s called Mega Marketing. Have you ever been to a Mega Marketing event? Well the history of this event in IDAHO actually comes from the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce leader, Theresa Hardin. She came to Idaho from a TEXAS chamber of commerce and brought the event with her! She worked at the Boise Chamber and then now runs the Caldwell Chamber. Are you confused, well don’t be, the simple matter is that this event is awesome for you to get in front of 25-75 other business representatives and owners and give your company overview and vice versa. It’s been called the SPEED DATING of business networking. Next week the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce has one, you should call to see if they have any spots left, the number is 208-459-7493 talk to Theresa or Stacey. The reason this event works is you literally get 1.5 minutes each sitting in front of each other to explain what you do. You have the full attention of that person across the table from you. You may think that the time will fly and there is no way it will take 6-8 hours to get through just 25+ persons, but it does. Also lunch is provided at most of these events so that takes 30-45 minutes. There are no breaks at this event so go potty before, at lunch, or after! They really keep it moving the entire time. This builds a pretty good start to a long term business relationship and has other advantages such as not getting stuck in a long term conversation on how you need to quit your business and join an mlm like you might otherwise encounter at a networking event. You get to move on. You only have to hear a minute and a half, and you have to also share your info in that time frame. There is always one or two persons that can’t shut up, but that is par for the course. they HAVE to move once both times are up so you still arent caught up in a never ending conversation. I would say overall Mega Marketing is an effective way to meet and get to know other potential clients. 4 out of 5 stars!