Social Media Strategy #1 Multimedia User

by mikemonty on January 15, 2013

Based on the success of social media marketing, the basics of running a campaign is now understood by the majority of business owners. In the beginning the measure of a successful campaign was seen by an increase in fans following a business page, but now that social media marketing is the basis for almost all businesses the rules have changed. In order to produce a successful campaign you need to engage and interact with your followers in a way that prompts a reaction. This can be done by creating a strategy that is centered on your goals and objectives before starting your campaign, analyzing the campaign regularly to determine effectiveness, and making the appropriate changes along the way. Remember, social media marketing isn’t a one-time, quick fix marketing scheme; the process is no different than any other marketing venture. It requires time and continual effort in order to be successful. Strategy 1: Multimedia User–Do you have a variety of products that could be broadcasted via photo or video through online social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? Now more than ever people are turning to online sites for pictures of products before they ever visit your business in-person. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and showcase your newest products in an innovative way. In addition to taking photos of your products, you can take photos of your business’s events and at networking groups that you and your employees attend. By posting photos like these, your followers will get to know you and your business on a more personal level–enticing them to buy your products or use your services. Do you love the idea of expanding your multimedia use? Why not try recording videos that showcase your products or record exciting moments from business events.