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White Paper, A Blanco Business Term

by mikemonty on April 3, 2013

Have you heard the term “white paper” or “white papers”? This term is generally used in two arenas, the government and business to business marketing. A strange combination, but it’s true. The government version was coined in the late 1930’s, but my version or our version for business was coined in the 90’s! The term basically just means communication. It can mean marketing communication of a companies products or services, but primarily I see it now as sort of the INFO page on large corporate websites. It is not the blog, it really is important info a company wants you to know about it’s products and services. At least that is what it has trended to. Wikipedia says: While some[who?] list dozens of different types of B2B white papers, there are essentially three main types: Backgrounder: Describes the technical and/or business benefits of a certain offering from a vendor, either a product, service, or methodology. This type of white paper is best used to supplement a product launch, argue a business case, or support a technical evaluation at the bottom of the sales funnel. Numbered list: Presents a set of tips, questions, or points about a certain business issue. This type is best used to get attention with new or provocative views, or cast aspersions on competitors, especially by using FUD. Problem/solution: Recommends a new, improved solution to a nagging business problem. This type is best used to generate leads at the top of the sales funnel, build thought leadership, or inform and persuade stakeholders.[7] I like their new fun term “thought leadership” what? more terms to learn, so here I go. Anyway, if you hear the term White Papers you know really it just means we are communicating with you, this is marketing, this is us, we are awesome, here is some info. so it really sounds like it is the actual company, if it were a person, it would have a blog and it would be white papers. More from your Marketing Nerd later.