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Integrated marketing is the tactical implementation of the marketing strategy of your marketing plan, which reinforces your organization’s core message. It connects the various pieces that comprise your marketing plan to achieve your organization’s marketing and business goals. The purpose of integrated marketing is to bring together all forms of your marketing communications to achieve the highest value for your marketing investment and maximize your ROI. Your seasoned marketing team may include the following pieces that connect to your marketing plan: • Direct marketing; print communications • Online communications; including mobile websites, social media and Blogs • Trade shows • Consumer promotions • Sponsorship programs • Corporate gifts • Promotional items The blending of online and offline tactics in integrated marketing works around a single marketing strategy implemented to optimize an organization’s success in terms of achieving its goals. A benefit to small business is the opportunity to blow their big business competition out of the water, by leveling the playing field. For small and big business alike, integrated marketing is an ongoing process that allows for the various pieces to be easily be tweaked if necessary, to maintain the organization’s core message. It is an essential tool to connect the pieces of your marketing plan that turn your marketing dollars into customers.