Data Driven Marketing is HOT!

by mikemonty on January 17, 2013

With the rise in recent years of social media, data driven marketing has exploded on the business scene. But the truth is, it is not a new concept. Although, the data driven marketing tools have been available for decades, most brands have not adopted a data driven mindset yet. Now consumers are in the driver’s seat more than ever before, with the ability to tweet, Facebook and forum post about a product or service influencing millions of potential customers in just minutes. What does this mean? It means you must really know your customer in order to make your message relevant. This starts with collecting data from your customers. Data driven marketing is a concept of inbound marketing. The way for marketers to increase their chance of winning and keeping customers in the digital age through inbound marketing is with a data driven marketing approach. It allows a business to reach and attract customers in a relevant way that develops brand loyalty. There are three aspects of data driven marketing: economics, intensifying competition, and advancing technology. The playing field has leveled, as small and midsize companies now have affordable access to analytical tools through their marketer. As technology continues to become available to marketers to reach their customers in relevant ways, businesses are allocating budget as they increasingly understand the need to use data driven marketing to micro target customers with relevant messaging. In today‚Äôs uber competitive digital world, organizations across all industries that use data driven marketing give themselves a fighting chance to outrival the competition and shine.